KOYO Bearing

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Brand Model Size
KOYO 18BM2412 18x24x12
KOYO 18BM2416 18x24x16
KOYO 18BTM2412 18x24x12
KOYO 18MM2412 18x24x12
KOYO 18MM2416 18x24x16
KOYO 18NQ2516 18x25x16
KOYO 18NQ2819 18x28x19
KOYO 18NQ3420AD 18x34x20
KOYO 18R2222P 18x22x22
KOYO 18R2322P 18x23x22
KOYO 18YM2416 18x24x16
KOYO 19138R/19268
KOYO 19143R/19268
KOYO 19143R/19281
KOYO 19143R/19283
KOYO 19150R/19268X
KOYO 19150R/19269
KOYO 19150R/19281 38.1x71.438x15.875
KOYO 19150R/19282
KOYO 19150R/19283 38.1x71.996x17.018
KOYO 1975R/1922
KOYO 1985R/1922
KOYO 1986R/1932 25.4x58.738x19.05
KOYO 1987R/1922
KOYO 1988R/1922 28.575x57.15x19.845
KOYO 1994XR/1931
KOYO 1997XR/1922
KOYO 206FC138850A 1030x1380x850
KOYO 20BM2612 20x26x12
KOYO 20BM2616 20x26x16
KOYO 20BM2620 20x26x20
KOYO 20BTM2612 20x26x12
KOYO 20BTM2620A 20x26x20
KOYO 20BTM2820A 20x28x20
KOYO 20BTM2920 19.5x29x20
KOYO 20DC19130/140 100x190x140
KOYO 20DC20170 100x200x170
KOYO 20FC1570 100x145x70
KOYO 20MKM2612 20x26x12
KOYO 20MKM2616 20x26x16
KOYO 20MM2612 20x26x12
KOYO 20MM2616 20x26x16
KOYO 20MM2620 20x26x20
KOYO 20NQ2717 20x27x17
KOYO 20NQ3015ED 20x30x15
KOYO 20NQ3020 20x30x20
KOYO 20NQ3212 20x32x12
KOYO 20NQ3315D 20x33x15
KOYO 20NQ3315NE 20x33x15
KOYO 20NQ3418D 20x34x18
KOYO 20NQI3714 20x37x14
KOYO 20R2513P 20x25x13
KOYO 20R2525P-1 20x25x25
KOYO 20V2715 20x27x15
KOYO 20V2729 20x27x29
KOYO 20V2825B 20x28x25
KOYO 20VS2612 20x26x11.6
KOYO 20VS2614CP-1 20x26x14
KOYO 20VS2614CP-2
KOYO 20VS2616P 20x26x16
KOYO 20WR2526 20x25x26
KOYO 20WR2540 20x25x40
KOYO 21063/21212 15.875x53.975x22.225
KOYO 21075/21213
KOYO 21078/21212
KOYO 21306RH 30x72x19
KOYO 21306RHK 30x72x19
KOYO 21307RH 35x80x21
KOYO 21307RHK 35x80x21
KOYO 21308RH 40x90x23
KOYO 21308RHK 40x90x23
KOYO 21309RH 45x100x25
KOYO 21309RHK 45x100x25
KOYO 21310RH 50x110x27
KOYO 21310RHK 50x110x27
KOYO 21311RH 55x120x29
KOYO 21311RHK 55x120x29
KOYO 21312RH 60x130x31
KOYO 21312RHK 60x130x31
KOYO 21313RH 65x140x33
KOYO 21313RHK 65x140x33
KOYO 21314RH 70x150x35
KOYO 21314RHK 70x150x35
KOYO 21315RH 75x160x37
KOYO 21315RHK 75x160x37
KOYO 21316RH 80x170x39
KOYO 21316RHK 80x170x39
KOYO 21317RH 85x180x41
KOYO 21317RHK 85x180x41
KOYO 21318RH 90x190x43
KOYO 21318RHK 90x190x43
KOYO 21319RH 95x200x45
KOYO 21319RHK 95x200x45
KOYO 21320RH 100x215x47
KOYO 21320RHK 100x215x47
KOYO 21322RH 110x240x50
KOYO 21322RHK 110x240x50
KOYO 21NQ3817 21x38x17
KOYO 21YM2720J 21x27x20
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