INA Bearing

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Brand Model Size
INA 292/750-E1-MB 750x1000x150
INA 292/800-E1-MB 800x1060x155
INA 292/850-E1-MB 850x1120x160
INA 292/900-E1-MB 900x1180x170
INA 292/950-E1-MB 950x1250x180
INA 2920 100x135x25
INA 2921 105x140x25
INA 2922 110x145x25
INA 2923 115x150x25
INA 29230-E1-MB 150x215x39
INA 29232-E1-MB 160x225x39
INA 29234-E1-MB 170x240x42
INA 29236-E1-MB 180x250x42
INA 29238-E1-MB 190x270x48
INA 2924 120x160x27
INA 29240-E1-MB 200x280x48
INA 29244-E1-MB 220x300x48
INA 29248-E1-MB 240x340x60
INA 2925 125x165x27
INA 29252-E1-MB 260x360x60
INA 29256-E1-MB 280x380x60
INA 29260-E1-MB 300x420x73
INA 29264-E1-MB 320x440x73
INA 29268-E1-MB 340x460x73
INA 29272-E1-MB 360x500x85
INA 29276-E1-MB 380x520x85
INA 2928 140x185x31
INA 29280-E1-MB 400x540x85
INA 29284-E1-MB 420x580x95
INA 29288-E1-MB 440x600x95
INA 29292-E1-MB 460x620x95
INA 29296-E1-MB 480x650x103
INA 293/500-E1-MB 500x750x150
INA 293/530-E1-MB 530x800x160
INA 293/600-E1-MB 600x900x180
INA 293/630-E1-MB 630x950x190
INA 293/670-E1-MB 670x1000x200
INA 293/710-E1-MB 710x1060x212
INA 293/750-E1-MB 750x1120x224
INA 293/800-E1-MB 800x1180x230
INA 293/850-E1-MB 850x1250x243
INA 29317-E1 85x150x39
INA 29318-E1 90x155x39
INA 29320-E1 100x170x42
INA 29322-E1 110x190x48
INA 29324-E1 120x210x54
INA 29326-E1 130x225x58
INA 29328-E1 140x240x60
INA 29330-E1 150x250x60
INA 29332-E1 160x270x67
INA 29334-E1 170x280x67
INA 29336-E1 180x300x73
INA 29338-E1 190x320x78
INA 29340-E1 200x340x85
INA 29344-E1 220x360x85
INA 29348-E1 240x380x85
INA 29352-E1 260x420x95
INA 29356-E1 280x440x95
INA 29360-E1 300x480x109
INA 29364-E1 320x500x109
INA 29368-E1-MB 340x540x122
INA 29372-E1-MB 360x560x122
INA 29376-E1-MB 380x600x132
INA 29380-E1-MB 400x620x132
INA 29384-E1-MB 420x650x140
INA 29388-E1-MB 440x680x145
INA 29392-E1-MB 460x710x150
INA 29396-E1-MB 480x730x150
INA 294/1000-E1-MB 1000x1670x402
INA 294/1060-E1-MB 1060x1770x426
INA 294/500-E1-MB 500x870x224
INA 294/530-E1-MB 530x920x236
INA 294/560-E1-MB 560x980x250
INA 294/600-E1-MB 600x1030x258
INA 294/630-E1-MB 630x1090x280
INA 294/670-E1-MB 670x1150x290
INA 294/710-E1-MB 710x1220x308
INA 294/750-E1-MB 750x1280x315
INA 294/800-E1-MB 800x1360x335
INA 294/850-E1-MB 850x1440x354
INA 294/900-E1-MB 900x1520x372
INA 294/950-E1-MB 950x1600x390
INA 29412-E1 60x130x42
INA 29413-E1 65x140x45
INA 29414-E1 70x150x48
INA 29415-E1 75x160x51
INA 29416-E1 80x170x54
INA 29417-E1 85x180x58
INA 29418-E1 90x190x60
INA 29420-E1 100x210x67
INA 29422-E1 110x230x73
INA 29424-E1 120x250x78
INA 29426-E1 130x270x85
INA 29428-E1 140x280x85
INA 29430-E1 150x300x90
INA 29432-E1 160x320x95
INA 29434-E1 170x340x103
INA 29436-E1 180x360x109
INA 29438-E1 190x380x115
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