IKO Bearing

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Brand Model Size
IKO BRI82016U 12.7x31.75x25.65
IKO BRI82016UU 12.7x31.75x25.65
IKO CRB10020 100x150x20
IKO CRB10020UU 100x150x20
IKO CRB11020 110x160x20
IKO CRB11020UU 110x160x20
IKO CRB12025 120x180x25
IKO CRB12025UU 120x180x25
IKO CRB13025 130x190x25
IKO CRB13025UU 130x190x25
IKO CRB14025 140x200x25
IKO CRB14025UU 140x200x25
IKO CRB15025 150x210x25
IKO CRB15025UU 150x210x25
IKO CRB15030 150x230x30
IKO CRB15030UU 150x230x30
IKO CRB20025 200x260x25
IKO CRB20025UU 200x260x25
IKO CRB20030 200x280x30
IKO CRB20035 200x295x35
IKO CRB25025 700x1020x150
IKO CRB25025UU 250x310x25
IKO CRB25030 800x950x70
IKO CRB25040 800x1030x100
IKO CRB30025 600x870x120
IKO CRB30025UU 300x360x25
IKO CRB30035 700x815x45
IKO CRB30040 700x880x70
IKO CRB3010 30x55x10
IKO CRB3010UU 30x55x10
IKO CRB40035 250x310x25
IKO CRB40040 250x330x30
IKO CRB40070 250x355x40
IKO CRB4010 40x65x10
IKO CRB4010UU 40x65x10
IKO CRB50040 300x360x25
IKO CRB50050 300x395x35
IKO CRB50070 300x405x40
IKO CRB5013 50x80x13
IKO CRB5013UU 50x80x13
IKO CRB600120 400x580x70
IKO CRB60040 400x480x35
IKO CRB60070 400x510x40
IKO CRB6013 60x90x13
IKO CRB6013UU 60x90x13
IKO CRB700150 500x680x70
IKO CRB70045 500x600x40
IKO CRB70070 500x625x50
IKO CRB7013 70x100x13
IKO CRB7013UU 70x100x13
IKO CRB800100 600x780x70
IKO CRB80070 600x700x40
IKO CRB8016 80x120x16
IKO CRB8016UU 80x120x16
IKO CRB9016 90x130x16
IKO CRB9016UU 90x130x16
IKO CRBC10020 100x150x20
IKO CRBC10020UU 100x150x20
IKO CRBC11020 110x160x20
IKO CRBC11020UU 110x160x20
IKO CRBC12025 120x180x25
IKO CRBC12025UU 120x180x25
IKO CRBC13025 130x190x25
IKO CRBC13025UU 130x190x25
IKO CRBC14025 140x200x25
IKO CRBC14025UU 140x200x25
IKO CRBC15025 150x210x25
IKO CRBC15025UU 150x210x25
IKO CRBC15030 150x230x30
IKO CRBC15030UU 150x230x30
IKO CRBC20025 200x260x25
IKO CRBC20025UU 200x260x25
IKO CRBC20030 200x280x30
IKO CRBC20035 200x295x35
IKO CRBC25025 700x1020x150
IKO CRBC25025UU 250x310x25
IKO CRBC25030 800x950x70
IKO CRBC25040 800x1030x100
IKO CRBC30025 600x870x120
IKO CRBC30025UU 300x360x25
IKO CRBC30035 700x815x45
IKO CRBC30040 700x880x70
IKO CRBC3010 30x55x10
IKO CRBC3010UU 30x55x10
IKO CRBC40035 250x310x25
IKO CRBC40040 250x330x30
IKO CRBC40070 250x355x40
IKO CRBC4010 40x65x10
IKO CRBC4010UU 40x65x10
IKO CRBC50040 300x360x25
IKO CRBC50050 300x395x35
IKO CRBC50070 300x405x40
IKO CRBC5013 50x80x13
IKO CRBC5013UU 50x80x13
IKO CRBC600120 400x580x70
IKO CRBC60040 400x480x35
IKO CRBC60070 400x510x40
IKO CRBC6013 60x90x13
IKO CRBC6013UU 60x90x13
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