IKO Bearing

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Brand Model Size
IKO BR364824 57.15x76.2x38.1
IKO BR364828 57.15x76.2x44.45
IKO BR364828U 57.15x76.2x44.45
IKO BR364828UU 57.15x76.2x44.45
IKO BR405224 63.5x82.55x38.1
IKO BR405228 63.5x82.55x44.45
IKO BR405228U 63.5x82.55x44.45
IKO BR405228UU 63.5x82.55x44.45
IKO BR445624 69.85x88.9x38.1
IKO BR445628 69.85x88.9x44.45
IKO BR445628U 69.85x88.9x44.45
IKO BR445628UU 69.85x88.9x44.45
IKO BR486024 76.2x95.25x38.1
IKO BR486028 76.2x95.25x44.45
IKO BR486028U 76.2x95.25x44.45
IKO BR486028UU 76.2x95.25x44.45
IKO BR526828 82.55x107.95x44.45
IKO BR526828U 82.55x107.95x44.45
IKO BR526828UU 82.55x107.95x44.45
IKO BR526832 82.55x107.95x50.8
IKO BR567232 88.9x114.3x50.8
IKO BR567232U 88.9x114.3x50.8
IKO BR567232UU 88.9x114.3x50.8
IKO BR607632 95.25x120.65x50.8
IKO BR607632U 95.25x120.65x50.8
IKO BR607632UU 95.25x120.65x50.8
IKO BR648032 101.6x127x50.8
IKO BRI102212 15.875x34.925x19.3
IKO BRI102216 15.875x34.925x25.65
IKO BRI102216U 15.875x34.925x25.65
IKO BRI102216UU 15.875x34.925x25.65
IKO BRI122412 38,1x19.05x19,3
IKO BRI122416 38,1x19.05x25,65
IKO BRI122416U 38,1x19.05x25,65
IKO BRI122416UU 38,1x19.05x25,65
IKO BRI142616 22.225x41.275x25.65
IKO BRI142620 22.225x41.275x32
IKO BRI142620U 22.225x41.275x32
IKO BRI142620UU 22.225x41.275x32
IKO BRI162816 25.4x44.45x25.65
IKO BRI162820 25.4x44.45x32
IKO BRI162820U 25.4x44.45x32
IKO BRI162820UU 25.4x44.45x32
IKO BRI183016 28.575x47.625x25.65
IKO BRI183020 28.575x47.625x32
IKO BRI183020U 28.575x47.625x32
IKO BRI183020UU 28.575x47.625x32
IKO BRI203316 52,388x31.75x25,65
IKO BRI203320 52,388x31.75x32
IKO BRI203320U 52,388x31.75x32
IKO BRI203320UU 52,388x31.75x32
IKO BRI223516 34.925x55.562x25.65
IKO BRI223520 34.925x55.562x32
IKO BRI223520U 34.925x55.562x32
IKO BRI223520UU 34.925x55.562x32
IKO BRI243716 38.1x58.738x25.65
IKO BRI243720 38.1x58.738x32
IKO BRI243720U 38.1x58.738x32
IKO BRI243720UU 38.1x58.738x32
IKO BRI243820 38.1x60.325x32
IKO BRI243920 38.1x61.912x32
IKO BRI243920U 38.1x61.912x32
IKO BRI243920UU 38.1x61.912x32
IKO BRI264116 41.275x65.088x25.65
IKO BRI264120 41.275x65.088x32
IKO BRI264120U 41.275x65.088x32
IKO BRI264120UU 41.275x65.088x32
IKO BRI284824 44.45x76.2x38.35
IKO BRI284828 44.45x76.2x44.7
IKO BRI284828U 44.45x76.2x44.7
IKO BRI284828UU 44.45x76.2x44.7
IKO BRI325224 50.8x82.55x38.35
IKO BRI325228 50.8x82.55x44.7
IKO BRI325228U 50.8x82.55x44.7
IKO BRI325228UU 50.8x82.55x44.7
IKO BRI365624 57.15x88.9x38.35
IKO BRI365628 57.15x88.9x44.7
IKO BRI365628U 57.15x88.9x44.7
IKO BRI365628UU 57.15x88.9x44.7
IKO BRI406024 63.5x95.25x38.35
IKO BRI406028 63.5x95.25x44.7
IKO BRI406028U 63.5x95.25x44.7
IKO BRI406028UU 63.5x95.25x44.7
IKO BRI446828 69.85x107.95x44.7
IKO BRI446828U 69.85x107.95x44.7
IKO BRI446828UU 69.85x107.95x44.7
IKO BRI446832 69.85x107.95x51.05
IKO BRI487232 76.2x114.3x51.05
IKO BRI487232U 76.2x114.3x51.05
IKO BRI487232UU 76.2x114.3x51.05
IKO BRI527632 82.55x120.65x51.05
IKO BRI527632U 82.55x120.65x51.05
IKO BRI527632UU 82.55x120.65x51.05
IKO BRI568032 88.9x127x51.05
IKO BRI61812 9.525x28.575x19.3
IKO BRI61816U 9.525x28.575x25.65
IKO BRI61816UU 9.525x28.575x25.65
IKO BRI82012 12.7x31.75x19.3
IKO BRI82016 12.7x31.75x25.65
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